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ANM Global advises a multinational e-commerce company from United States of America

ANM Global instrumental in advising one of the largest e-commerce company from United States of America, in entry strategy within the domain of Information Technology laws in India.

Anuj Gupta, partner in charge stated that it is imperative for any e-commerce company to be in strict compliance with the IT Laws vis-a-vis criminal laws to avoid any frivolous complaints filed in the country. As more and more E-commerce companies are entering India, the IT laws would be interpreted in a more enforceable manner as compared to earlier times. Mr Anuj Gupta also said that due to the recent changes in the Copyright Rules has made mandatory for any e-commerce companies to accept any copyright infringement complaint by removing the infringed material for a period of 21 days subsequent to which, the e-commerce company will have a statutory right to upload the infringed material if the complainant is unable to provide any ownership or court order. Such changes have resulted in creating stricter compliance not only with IT laws but also with ever changing Intellectual Property laws in the country.