Media & Entertainment

The firm has a well established media and entertainment practice with core expertise in Intellectual Property rights with specialist, experienced and dual qualified lawyers assisted by patent agents having a wide range of expertise including trademarks, copyright, patents, designs, infringement, passing off, confidential information, registration, transfers, licensing etc.

The firm has an experienced and wide range of experts specializing in both spectrums of entertainment and media laws. Generally, the entertainment and media law has two different areas of specialization, i.e. litigation and transactional expertise. Our team of litigation lawyers have a continuous focus on providing the clients strategies for offensive and defensive legal actions involving other parties (i.e. responding to a lawsuit from another person, issuing preliminary demands or commencing a legal action, responding to governmental inquiries or when accused of violations of the law, etc.). On the other hand, our team of transactional lawyers have continuously been involved in facilitating business deals, negotiation tactics, strategic business initiatives, and other contractual matters involved in business (i.e. production deals, talent deals, financing deals, etc.), even when no other party than the client is involved (i.e. business formation, trademarks, copyrights, etc.). Some of the other areas, the firm has focused in the recent past has been drafting trademark & copyright license agreements, patent applications, non- disclosure agreements, technology transfer agreements and franchisee agreements.

Some of the clients, who have been utilizing our diverse legal services for media and entertainment quite profitably, include film production companies, producers, film and TV channels, artists, actors, film financers, and other professionals involved in the activities and businesses of the media and entertainment industry.

The team is headed by Mr. Rodney D. Ryder, been a former partner with Fox Mondal, one of the leading firms of the country. Mr Ryder brings a wealth of experience to our clients in terms of formalising issues relating to intellectual property laws especially in the sector of media and entertainment industry in the country. Mr. Ryder is also an expert in handling issues pertaining to software thefts, data piracy, cyber frauds, trademark, copyright and design infringement and is one of the few professionals in India who have specialized knowledge and exposure in this field. The team also has several other professionals including Mr. Gaurav Bharathi who is litigation partner and a patent agent in the firm. The team also includes the promoters of the firm, Mr. Anuj Gupta & Mr. Nidhish Mehrotra, who have been in the recent past consistently successful in getting ex-parte injunction reliefs to some of the major consumer goods manufacturing companies of the country. Mr. Suresh Gupta is a Chartered Accountant by profession, with over 20 years of experience. His expertise in accounting and finance brings lots of diversity in the team and has been instrumental in attaining lots of corporate, brand valuation & tax advisory work to the Firm.


Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited

Representing Zee Entertainment in transactions, advisory and litigation matters.

Pooja Entertainment India Limited

Representing Pooja Entertainment India Limited in all their transactional, litigation, and advisory work including all film projects, due diligence reports etc.

Offside Entertainment LLP

Representing Offside Entertainment in relation to all of their transactional work for films.

Gobsmack Entertainment

Representing Gobsmack with respect to the transactional work for their upcoming film.

Viaan Industries Limited

Representing Viaan Industries Limited in relation to all transactional work for their production and other projects.

Vertice Entertainment Private Limited

Representing Vertice in drafting a privacy policy and terms of service for their upcoming application.

Rainshine Entertainment Private Limited

Representing Rainshine Entertainment in relation across their deals for production of content, games, etc.

Vikas Bahl

Representing Vikas Bahl in relation to his writer, director and production agreements.

Representing TheDigitalHashwith respect to the transactional work for their upcoming film.

Black Hat- A talent management company

Representing Black Hat in relation to their endorsement agreements.

Just Music Label India Limited

Representing and advising Just in all transactional matters including drafting, vetting and negotiating of various types of agreements pertaining to their music label business.

M/s Triple Com Media Pvt Ltd

Representing Triplecom Media across all of their deals for their OTT platform ‘ITAP’.

Kian Films

Representing Kian Films with respect to the transactional work for acquiring biopic rights.

Shiladitya Bora

Representing the production houses of Shiladitya Bora in relation to the production of several films.

Inking Great Stories Pvt Ltd

Representing Inking Great Stories in relation to their collaboration with production house in relation to the development and production of shows

Mr. Aniruddha Guha

Representing renowned writer Mr. Aniruddha Guha in relation to his deals with the production houses for writing and developing the scripts for films and web-series.