Our Tax team works closely with our corporate, finance, real estate and project
finance lawyers to provide innovative solutions in the areas of tax, including
income tax, sales tax, service tax, customs duties, excise laws, avoidance of double
taxation, general tax planning, mergers and acquisitions, state and local taxes, tax
policy matters, trusts and estates.

Economic growth has led to a sharp increase in mergers and acquisitions, business combinations and joint ventures many of which are cross-border and multi-jurisdictional in nature.

Many transactions can involve the structure of the international group and tax issues in countries other than the jurisdiction of the target or parent. We can combine our tax expertise in each jurisdiction to form one team which can fully understand and resolve the different regulatory problems and legal issues without losing sight of the commercial framework of the transaction.

Increasing compliance burdens and the scope for uncertainty, the prospect of litigation or long and time-consuming negotiations with the tax authorities are realities of commerce today. The number, complexity and scope of contentious disputes with tax authorities is increasing and an ever greater number of clients, both corporate and financial, are mindful of the possibility of tax litigation.

We combine the expertise of both tax and litigation specialists, who are dedicated to providing a contentious tax service which includes:

  • Avoidance of lengthy disputes with the tax authorities;
  • Advice on handling tax challenges at any stage in the process leading to finalisation of assessments; and
  • Where cases go to court, we can provide an integrated tax and litigation service from commencement to ultimate resolution

The team provides a tax consultancy service, supporting deals and projects including share and asset sales and acquisitions, tax advice on the implementation of group reorganisations, real estate transactions and funds, licensing and royalty arrangements, loan and asset finance transactions.

For international work, the team handles the Indian aspects and acts as the link between a client and a network of trusted law firms in Europe, North America & Asia, which offers access to their tax practices.