Intellectual Property

India, being one of the fastest growing countries in the world, is a perfect setting
for a practice in Intellectual Property rights. Intellectual property is one of the key
considerations effecting all IT-enabled companies and knowledge-based industries.
The exploitation, protection and enforcement of IP rights especially in high-tech
companies is a key aspect of a company's measure of success or failure.

Our specially qualified and experienced lawyers have a wide range of expertise including trademarks, copyright, patents, designs, infringement, passing off, confidential information, registration, transfers, licensing etc.

Our trade mark experience and services includes legal advice with an aim of avoiding instances of trade mark infringement; advising and lodging applications for registration through to litigation in asserting legal rights and defending those rights. We have advised on:

  • Applications in multiple jurisdictions;
  • Prospects of success in infringement proceedings; and
  • Trade mark licenses.
Copyright Law:
  • Addressing copyright ownership in commercial contracts;
  • Breaches of licensed use; and
  • Advice on appropriate action in litigation & infringements.
Patent Law:
  • Patentability of new inventions;
  • Likelihood of infringement of innovations of existing inventions on international registers; and
  • Patentability of software.
Trade Secrets and Confidential Information :
  • Circumstances in which confidential information may be used in spite of contractual restraints;
  • Non-disclosure agreements; and
  • Injunctions preventing unlawful disclosure of confidential information.