About Us

"Law is a personal service business and building a firm is very much tied
to building personal relationships. We spend a good chunk of time
travelling, building and maintaining personal relationships with existing
partners, colleagues and developing new relationships with clients.
The key thing that makes a successful law firm work is synergy; with the
right combination, where one and one can make three

We have created a unique law firm that provides clients with a blend of all round advice extending from legal knowledge to financial advice. We believe in creating a healthy and long-lasting relationship with the clients.

ANM Global Inc is a full service law firm having offices in New Delhi and Mumbai along with associate offices in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Allahabad, Calcutta and Chandigarh. We have close ties with various law firms in Singapore, London, Cyprus, San Francisco, Mauritius, Bangkok, Sydney, Hong Kong, Paris, Zurich, Amsterdam, Madrid, Dubai and in various other foreign jurisdictions. As a result, the firm has extensive international capabilities to expand their service for cross-border transactions.

Being a full service firm, it has a highly trained team of professionals, specialising in diverse areas of law, including real estate, infrastructure, corporate law, direct and indirect taxation law, project finance and intellectual property. Our lawyers have also acquired vast experience in dispute resolution and litigation at all judicial levels and forums.

The hallmarks of good advice are commercial experience, efficiency, flexibility, integrity and good judgement in finding legal and commercial solutions that work for clients. The firm believes in helping to identify business opportunities as well as advising on how to avoid pitfalls. Our main preoccupation is to provide each client with a service suited to its requirements and needs. Proximity with our clients guarantees the quality of our services, in that it allows to better understand their expectations.